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Thursday, 14 August 2008 19:22

Reaching out to Children Through Soccer

Written by  Charlotta Krueger
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This summer, some 350 kids from two Clearwater groups, the Greenwood Community Center and the Life Force Cultural Arts Academy have been experiencing the fun of soccer daily.  Galactics Clearwater International Football Club offered to provide free summer soccer sessions for the Community Center and Life Force Academy with the purpose of introducing the predominantly African-American kids to soccer and helping to keep them entertained and active during the summer break.

The African-American community is strongly rooted in American football and basketball and has yet to discover the attraction and opportunities of the fastest-growing sport in the US—soccer—played by millions, loved by billions and the number one sport in the world.

Galactics Soccer Club is a multi‑cultural soccer club and strives to unite people from all kinds of cultural and ethnic backgrounds under the banner of soccer.

Introducing the naturally athletic African‑American community to soccer has been one of Galactics’ strongest purposes, especially since World Champion boxer Tyrone Booze, founder of the Smart Fighter organization, came on board as Galactics VIP and representative.  Tyrone brought with him the strong desire to help his people and with a new-found enthusiasm for soccer, began work on introducing the African-American community to the beautiful game.















This purpose was further strengthened when Brazilian soccer coach, Quinho Cardoso, joined the Galactics technical staff and took charge of the Greenwood soccer program with unparalleled enthusiasm and personal dedication.

The children at both organizations, though mostly completely unfamiliar with soccer, show incredible enthusiasm for the sport and obviously enjoy learning something new and exciting.  With all kinds of fun games and contests, the kids are introduced to soccer in a relaxed way, letting them explore the game through play and interaction with the other kids and our experienced coaches.

For more information on the Galactics Community Soccer programs, please visit our website at

- Tampa Bay Informer
The Good News Newspaper


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