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Body Work

Written by  Doc Shillington, N.D.
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A word we could use for the basis of every disease in the human body is the word “STOPPAGE”.  We could have a stopped flow to any area whether it’s the blood stream, the lymphatic flow, even the nerve supply.  Stoppage is the BASIC, on why any area of the body gets diseased.  This is a case where the body can’t get nutrition in, and also can’t get the wastes out. 

Many people think of nutrition as “Food IN through the mouth and Waste OUT through the bowel”.  But every cell in your body needs to be fed.  You can drink the most nutritious juices and take the greatest most potent herbs in the world, and even assimilate them into your blood, BUT unless that nourished blood gets to the exact cell that needs it, that cell won’t get fed and IT WON’T GET WELL!!!

The power of bodywork is amazing.  MASSAGE and EXERCISE can get more blood circulating through the body and nourishment delivered to the organs, increasing the amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes from your juices and herbs to that organ.  It also gets wastes such as Carbon Dioxide, Toxins and Poisons out of those cells.  This all has to happen through your blood and your lymphatic systems.


Use a natural bristle skin brush and scrub yourself thoroughly every day.  It stimulates the flow of your lymphatic system.  This is the clear fluid of your body that contains pure immune cells and doesn’t have a pump like the heart.  Skin brushing is one of the best ways to move this lymph fluid around the body.  Skin Brush with a dry, natural plant-fiber skin brush, or a Loofah and start at your feet.  Move up from there, and always brush towards your heart.  Pay special attention to any affected areas, as well as your lymph centers in your groin area, under your arms and around your neck.  Don’t forget your scalp and face but be careful with the face.  Your skin will have the healthiest tone if you do this daily.  This is one of the Natural Beauty Secrets of Hollywood’s most famous stars and I thought you’d like to know.

Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,
Doc Shillington, N.D.
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