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City Rewards Community Involvement

Written by  Angela LeMay
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“Clearwater Awards for Neighborhoods” - Where Everybody Wins


The North Greenwood Neighborhood Coalition members holding the Mayor’s Award of Excellence, (left to right) Maurice Mickens and Sherry Van Hootegem and Jonathan Wade - Photo by Simaen Skolfield

The City of Clearwater encourages its residents to get involved with their neighborhoods through The Clearwater Awards for Neighborhoods. As a result of “CAN” with its tag line: “Unite, Achieve, Grow and Win!” Clearwater residents are teaming together in their neighborhoods and are making a difference.

This year the first place award for “The Mayor’s Award of Excellence” went to the North Greenwood Neighborhood Coalition who was awarded $2,500. 

The following is what Mayor Hibbard had to add regarding the CAN program.

TBI: “Why is it so important for the members of our community to get involved in programs such as CAN?”

Mayor Hibbard: “In Clearwater we are dependent on strong neighborhoods and the CAN program strengthens neighborhoods by bringing all the residents together for a common goal.

Sadly many neighbors don’t interact like they did in previous eras; which is a real loss for society.  I think people are reawakening to how important the neighborhood fabric is and how it can enhance their lives.  I hope that through CAN we can reignite the pride neighborhoods once had.”

TBI: “I understand that you have a background in finance, how do you feel that community involvement will help, in our current economic climate?”

Mayor Hibbard: “Right now the focus for many people is back to basics, simplifying their lives.  We have tremendous needs in our community and giving back at a time like this can make all the difference for some people.  I think we also find that it is more satisfying to help others than obtaining new things which none of us need in this country.  We are a blessed nation but as it says in the Bible “the borrower is slave to the lender”, I ask what we have enslaved ourselves to in this country?  Is it cars, huge houses, and is it worth it, I don’t think so!”

In the Mayor’s closing comments he also advised:

“I know we are all concerned with the difficult economic times and the media only exacerbates the issue with consistently negative messages, but the United States is still the strongest most resilient country in the world both economically and as a people.  I am always proud of America because when things are at the worst we show our best.  So as community leaders I ask that people be positive, look for those in need and help according to your ability.  I believe that as painful as this period is we will emerge stronger because of it.”

To get involved, visit and download the Clearwater Awards for Neighborhoods Booklet and TBI looks forward to seeing you at next years celebration!

- Tampa Bay Informer
The Good News Newspaper

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