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Winston Kao Getting Your Vitamins the Natural Way

Written by  Winston Kao
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Getting Your Vitamins the Natural Way -  Winston's Super Energy Booster Mix

Prior to the advent of vitamin technology, man, animals and plants got their vitamins and nutrition from unprocessed, natural and nutritious food. During the late 1940’s and late 1950’s some vitamins were manufactured in a healthy manner. Vitamin E was made from wheat germ. However, many other vitamins such as Vitamin B complexes, which were quite vital for health, were made in a manner that was quite toxic. In fact it sterilized pigs and men as well. (Many people get slightly nauseous when consuming Vitamin B complexes. Do  you think the body might be trying to communicate something?)

Today, Vitamin E is made from acetate. If you read the label on the bottle it says “L-alpha tocopherol acetate” or “dl‑alpha tocopherol acetate”. The natural form should read “d-alpha tocopherol”. What is acetate? It is film (camera film or the color film that is used to cover stage lights to produce various colored beams of lights). At one time, the largest film producing company in America was also the largest Vitamin E producer. They didn’t like the stigma that came with Vitamin E so they sold off that division of the company. However, their waste products, the little squares that were produced from the sprocket holes on the side of the film, are still being made into Vitamin E today. As you can figure out on your own, this couldn’t possibly be good for you. Vitamins B and C have similar stories. So, the point here is that it is close to impossible to purchase a clean natural vitamin that isn’t made from plastic, city sewage sludge, horse manure, or geneticallymodified corn and soy as the base organic matter.

This is why I created the Super Energy Booster - a natural formula for vitamins. All ingredients are NOT VITAMINS themselves, but are vitamin SOURCES. These are more than just precursors to specific vitamins they are WHOLE FOODS. These WHOLE FOODS contain minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fats, starches, sugars and other important health-building materials. These building blocks provide the body with the most basic components it needs to manufacture any material it needs to repair itself.

You are going to become the chemist who makes your “potential” vitamins freshly each and every day! Winston’s Super Energy Booster Mix consists of:
Calphonite: inorganic minerals $26 /16oz.
Old fashioned cod liver oil (Fats Not Removed) $24 /16oz.
Acerola Extract Powder Natural source of Vitamin C $10/6oz. powder form
Fulvic acid $35/32oz
Inner Garden™ (Multi-specie probiotic)$33.50/30oz.
Sub-total cost is $128.50 +$16 S/H (or you may pick it up) = $144.50
Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast is the only non-Genetically Modified yeast and source of B Vitamin complexes. You will need to get it from your local health food store. Just mix well, and then add fruit juice and drink. You may also add non-homogenized, organic yogurt & fresh fruit. Detailed mixing instructions will be provided when ordering. Call Natural Plus Plus,LLC. (727) 447-2344 to order now!



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