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David Copperfield - Interview with an Illusionist...

Written by  Megan Brazil
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David CopperfieldDo You Believe in Magic?
Interview with an Illusionist… By Megan Brazil

Clearwater FL December 31, 2008 - When I heard that David Copperfield was coming to town I got incredibly excited. My excitement was twofold, David is not only a magnificent illusionist (who I never miss a chance to see his show) but I have known him for years through my late brother Chappy Brazil who was also a magician and a friend of David Copperfield’s. So, when TBI asked me to do the interview with him, I jumped at the opportunity to give TBI readers insight into the mystical world of a magician.

The Interview

Megan: How has magic changed since you began as a magician, for you, and for the audience?

David Copperfield: “After so many years, it all comes down to loving what I do and keeping up with the times. Performing my show is something I constantly think about. When I am on the road and heading to my next venue, I think about my audience: ‘Is it a college town or a family town? Should I make the music LOUDER for College kids?’ New tricks are added, old ones are dropped... so it stays fresh. But it’s the randomly selected participants from the audience that make it fresh each and every show; which has also provided some of the best comic relief of the day!

Science and technology were often used by [the magician of old], even before they came into the marketplace on a mass basis. For example, prior to the moving picture going into theatre, magicians were using the technique of images in motion as illusions in their shows. At that time the process was so new, an audience perceived it as magic. Also in the early stages of holograms magicians would use these images to baffle and mystify their fans. Hence, you always need to stay one step ahead of the technology game to “WOW” the audience. “

Megan: Who inspired you to begin as a magician?

David Copperfield: “Well, my grandfather taught me a card trick involving four aces, back in the days when I was a kid. Through out the years though, I have always looked to movies and theatre for inspiration. You know, in the cinema I me to do the same with my magic and I love the reaction of the audience.

Megan: How did you begin, what happened that made you realize this was your purpose in life?

David Copperfield: “…I actually started out doing ventriloquism with my dummy VEN (yes, I know, it’s NOT a very creative name), before I ever started doing magic. Then I discovered that magic tricks got me more attention from the girls in my class when I was nine - so a magician was born!”

Megan: What inspires you to create a new act?

David Copperfield: “The inspiration for my illusions comes from many places. Most often they come from my dreams, or an everyday occurrence
in life. I have always wanted to put another face on Mt. Rushmore or making the moon vanish, so you see I have a lot of work ahead of me!”

Megan: What advice would you have for aspiring young professional magicians - in what ways do they need to train to be professionals?

David Copperfield: “I think it’s about perseverance - never take “NO” for an answer - loving what you do and by all means passion!”

Megan: Who is it you most admire now in magic?

David Copperfield: “I have a great admiration for those out side the Art of Magic. Directors like Spielberg and Lucas and the dance greats like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire – I stand on the shoulders of these talents.”

Megan: How does the realm of illusion affect your day to day life?

David Copperfield: “I’m the luckiest man in the world – performing 500 shows a year and loving what I do – illusion IS my day to day life.”

Megan: Is it easy to you to create real magic in your own life?

David Copperfield: I have created a very magical place in the tropics and dearly appreciate it every time I set foot on my island in the Caribbean – Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay

Megan: Would you be a magician again in your next life?

David Copperfield: YES. Certainly that would be much preferred over having me go back to singing – which I did a lot of initially in my first stage show in Chicago – THE MAGIC MAN. By the time the successful run had ended, producers had cut my show tunes way back and let me add much more magic, so the audience could be spared! [laughs]

You’re invited to an intimate evening of Grand Illusion with David Copperfield on Jan 18th, 2009 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center 5:30pm-8:30pm. For complete tour info: Be sure to get your tickets:

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