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Thursday, 05 March 2009 18:54

Clearwater Little League Gets Support from Clearwater Community Volunteers Featured

Written by  Heidi Lux
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Clearwater Councilmembers John Doran, Carlen Petersen and George Cretekos ride with the “Mets” Little League team alongside the Executive Director of Clearwater Community Volunteers, Pam Ryan Anderson. - Photo by Simaen SkolfieldClearwater Little League “Opens” Hearts in Community

Clearwater, FL (February 14 2009) - On Valentine’s Day the Clearwater Little League held their opening ceremonies followed by the first game of the season. In celebration of opening day, Clearwater City Council members Carlen Petersen and John Doran, as well as Vice‑Mayor George Cretekos were there at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium, showing their love for the young baseball enthusiasts decked out in brightly colored shirts of purple, blue, green, black and orange.

From the civic leaders, sports celebrities, business owners, friends, families and kids, the turn-out was itself inspiring, generating a genuine feeling of family and community.

Clearwater Community Volunteer Joanie Sigal adds merriment to the ceremonies. - Photo by Simaen Skolfield “There are many things wrong in America today, but baseball is not one of them,” says John Murphy, on the board of the Clearwater Little League. “Watching kids and adults play not for the money, but for fun of the game is as close to heaven as I may ever come.” City of Clearwater Councilmember Petersen —a previous “Little League Mom” of three—spoke from her heart and experience when she encouraged parents to continue their worthwhile investment of time in making it possible for their children to be part of little league. Sports and programs such as these bring the community together and instill long-lasting values.

The Little League Pledge is, “I trust in God, I love my country and will respect its laws. I will play fair and strive to win, but win or lose, I will always do my best”.

The Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) contributed train rides, face painting and fun clown activities to Clearwater Little League’s opening day. As well as bringing their trackless train, the CCV sponsored the Clearwater Little League AAA division team called the “Mets” (named after the New York Mets). “CCV is very happy to have been invited to sponsor and participate,” says Executive Director of CCV, Pam Ryan Anderson. “Our purpose is to help children and citizens of the community and we love any opportunity to do that."

John Murphy added, “I welcome everyone to come be a part of our family at the Clearwater Little League. Bring your lounge chairs, your shades and sometimes your jackets and see why baseball is the best game to help you forget about your troubles for a little while.”

The Clearwater Little League is made possible by its dedicated volunteers and sponsors who work together to create a safe, fun atmosphere for kids and families to enjoy the All-American sport of baseball.

 Vice-Mayor George Cretekos gives a high-five. Photo by Simaen SkolfieldLocal business owner Sean Cordner of Clearwater Towing not only manages a team but also sponsors the AAA team “Tampa Bay Rays”. He has been involved with Clearwater Little League since 2005.  “Little League is a great way to keep kids active, involved and out of trouble,” says Sean. “It’s a sport that the kids can start young and continue to take it on up into their teens onto a higher level—for me it gets me out of work and as a father I can spend quality time with the kids.”

Although the economics of the sport continue to be a task at hand for local Little Leagues around the world, the activities of its volunteers and sponsors make it the most widely-recognized and affordable option for more than 2.6 million children (ages 5 to 18) who wish to play organized baseball or softball.

The Clearwater Little League holds their games at the Sid Lickton Complex located at 714 N. Saturn Avenue, Clearwater.  For their full season schedule, please visit their website at .


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