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Why Do The Best Race Horses Come From Kentucky?

Written by  Desiree Lotz
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Desiree Lotz

You wouldn't want to raise race horses in Wisconsin because the soil there is high in calcium, which makes them way too relaxed. Cattle raised in Wisconsin are big, easy-going and relaxed.  In contrast, breeders in Kentucky don't raise contented cattle but race horses - nervous, jumpy, raring-to-go race horses.  That's because the soil is high in phosphorus and low in calcium, which results in wound-up, chomping-at-the-bit, high energy horses. They can't relax and that's what you want in a race horse. 

Possibly the breeders don't even know what it is that makes them such good race horses, but they breed 'em there in Kentucky because it works. If they took that same horse to Wisconsin, he would be too calm - wouldn't be much of a race horse! That's because he would be getting too much calcium.

You will probably find that the people who live in Wisconsin are more relaxed and easy-going than those from other parts of the country. So, if you're jumpy or nervous, you need calcium - and magnesium to balance it. Interesting, isn't it?

Next time you see your kids - or anyone else for that matter - running around like a jumpy, nervous, race horse, know that they're getting too much phosphorus from things such as soda pop, candy, cereals, fast foods - to name a few - and they need calcium to balance out.

Of course, phosphorus is an important part of your diet too and your body needs it but modern foods can have far too much in relation to calcium, and your body wants balance. Balance it up with a correctly-balanced calcium and magnesium formula and feel your nerves calm right down.

So, why do the best race horses come from Kentucky?  Because the soil is deficient in calcium!

The best way to get your calcium and magnesium is, of course, in your food but we all know that is nearly impossible nowadays so we made Instant CalMag-C to compensate for this.  It has been formulated with these two minerals in the correct balance: two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate, along with vitamin C to create the correct pH your body needs to absorb it speedily without having to digest or break it down. Order yours today by calling 727-441-2820 or visit www.CalMag-C.com.

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