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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 13:11

Clearwater Chiropractic Care Deep Tissue Laser

Written by  Dr. Dale Cooper
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Dr. Dale Cooper
Dr. Dale Cooper
Success with Deep Tissue Laser Chiropractic Care

Clearwater, FL (April 1, 2009) -I wanted to share with everyone a few exciting real life successes from our patients who have used the new DEEP TISSUE LASER. 

These cases are typical everyday.  There is absolutely no reason to go on suffering from unwanted pain and disabilities.  LiteCure is truly remarkable and gets fast results (sometimes less than 5 treatments).  The best part is it’s affordable on any budget at just $50 a treatment.  If you want to know how and if laser can end your pain, call us at (727) 446-1141 and schedule an appointment today.  We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Clearwater with good parking.


“On Tuesday night I sprained my left foot/ankle tremendously, to a point that I could not move it. It was very painful, immediately swollen and I could barely sleep because of the pain. I saw Dr. Cooper the next morning and besides having my body completely adjusted he suggested that I have laser on my foot. My foot at that point was very swollen and black and blue colored. From a past experience as a 12-year old I had to wear a cast for 14 days for the same injury. I thought that it would take 10-14 days at least to heal. Well, the next day after the laser I woke up not only could I move my foot, but it was like it was almost back to normal. I immediately called the office and came in for another treatment. And did I mention it also took care of the pain? I am truly amazed and I am so incredibly grateful for this tremendous help and success. I also want to thank everyone at the office for all the help, support and care.

“Thank you from a very happy patient.” - EJ

TENDONITIS (Tennis Elbow)

“I had bad tendonitis - tennis elbow - in both elbows. It was so bad that for more than a year, I could barely hold a golf club. I got tons of massages, which helped it to a point, but I had to wear special elbow wraps in order to be able to play golf. It was really bad! Plus, I could not exercise with weights as the elbows were just hurting too much and that was killing my urge to exercise.

“I had 3 treatments with Dr Cooper’s new laser treatment and this condition has cleared up 100%! I no longer have fixed attention on how bad my elbows feel!

“I would recommend this treatment to anyone!” - PC


“I recently had a problem with my left shoulder and was in extreme pain. I got a shot in the shoulder which only calmed the pain. I then received a series of laser treatments from Dr. Dale Cooper.  I experienced more relief from these treatments and the shoulder became rehabilitated and has not bothered me since, which was a few months ago. I found the laser treatment results to be quite dramatic as it handled the shoulder so swiftly. I can recommend this treatment with no reservation.” - MJ


“Two days ago I came to see Dr. Cooper due to a lot of pain I had in the left leg and right arm. The pain was so strong that I had to walk with a cane. Dr. Cooper did an adjustment then recommended the laser. The laser helped a lot. I woke up today rested since I was able to sleep well and I am now walking without the cane.

“Thank you Dr. Cooper!” - IL


“I came to see Dr. Cooper with an excruciating, terrible, unbearable pain in my left leg. Before I came to see him I almost fainted due to the pain. Dr. Cooper used the laser treatment to heal the nerve of the leg. It is amazing how after 10 minutes of using it my body started to heal. I felt great relief. The treatment kept on working throughout the night and my body was feeling warm. I woke up this morning and the pain was gone. I’m able to walk and I don’t feel the pain.

“Thank you Dr. Cooper!!!!!!!!”

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