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Legally Blonde the Musical Broadway Performance at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Written by  Heidi Lux
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Legally Blonde Preformance at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Photo by Wayne Cathel.
Legally Blonde Preformance at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Photo by Wayne Cathel.

Clearwater, FL (April 8, 2009) - Legally Blonde, the musical, manages to capture the feel of Legally Blonde, the movie. It is a silly, carefree piece of theatre that manages to leave you fulfilled, satisfied and quite entertained at the end of it, while including a positive message that is delivered through silly means.

The musical includes all of the familiar and important moments of the movie, such as Elle's videotape to get into Harvard, the scene where she's tricked into dressing like a Playboy bunny and arrives at a classy party and the hunky UPS guy. However, it still manages to stand on its own as its own piece. It's enjoyable if you've seen the movie and still enjoyable if you haven't.

Becky Gulsvig, who plays Elle, was nominated for a Helen Hayes award for her efforts and does an especially good job in this role. She comes off enough like Reese Witherspoon but still manages to make her character her own. She has great chemistry with D.B. Bonds who plays Emmett (the Luke Wilson character).  It’s heartwarming to see their relationship grow and played out; a relationship based on teamwork and mutual assistance and betterment, especially in contrast to the superficial one between her and her ex-boyfriend Warner.

The play is full of splashy musical numbers like There! Right There!, a fun ensemble song in which the law students (and eventually an entire courtroom) debate if the witness is gay or just European. I also particularly enjoyed the reprise of Omigod You Guys when the entire cast breaks out into an Irish Riverdance. The show overall is entertaining and leaves you on a good note. It is very much recommended for a light evening out in which you don’t want to think, you just want to sit back and be amused.

Legally Blonde will be playing at the Ruth Eckerd Hall from April 7th to the 12th.  For Showtime and tickets click here .
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