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Pop Artist Lord Colin O'Neal has Local Art Exhibit at Pangea Cafe in Clearwater 2009 Featured

Written by  David Ziff
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The artist Lord Colin O'Neal Next to his Rendition of Marilyn MonroeWhile the days are still long and the dog days of August are still ahead of us, there’s time to see the extraordinary display of Pop Art at the local hot spot, Pangea Café, in downtown Clearwater. On the other hand, when you see school buses back on the roads in September you’ll know you’re too late if you haven’t made the pilgrimage to see the exhibition of artist, Lord Colin O’Neal.

The showing was kicked off on the evening of May 30 of this year when a predominately youthful crowd surged into Pangea as if they were attending a rock concert. The artist, looking younger than his 32 years, seemed to take on the cachet of a rock star .As he made the rounds amid his fans, he left eddies of excitement in his wake. Young girls, dressed to the nines, seemed to be in their element sitting below and dwarfed by the paintings above them.

The first impression one gets from an O’Neal is an explosion of color. Take the vividness of spring, the golden fields of summer and the profusion of autumn primaries. Then multiply their effect to adjust them to the intensity of an O’Neal and you’ll have some idea of the impact of his work.

Although he’s identified with the well defined genre of Pop Art, O’Neal has blazed his own trail. It takes years of mastery and countless canvasses to evolve your own style, the sure sign of the maturing of an artist. O’Neal has carved his own distinctive place in the world of art, a worthy successor to, but never derivative of, Andy Warhol, Peter Max and Roy Lichtenstein.

The innovative owner of Pangea, the German-born Sylvia Heneghan, has become Lord Colin O'Neal's Bright and Colorful Pop-Art Style Paintingsa major patron of the arts and culture in Clearwater, providing a stage for artists, musicians, the International Artists in Action group, human rights activists and poetry readings among others. She brings the flair of a European setting where people can talk, enjoy good food and beverages and be in tune with worthwhile cultural values.

Here’s what Sylvia had to say about Lord Colin O’Neal’s exhibit, which now graces the brick walls of Pangea: “The debut of O’Neal’s 2009 collection was one of the most heavily attended shows we’ve had the privilege of hosting. It’s always fascinating to see what kind of atmosphere an artist conjures up through his work. An O’Neal brings life, cheerfulness and aesthetics into people’s lives.”

Ms. Heneghan said that Pangea will be home to the exhibition through August, 2009. She also said that as canvasses are sold, they will be replaced with new ones.

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