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Gloria Tesch, World's Youngest Published Novelist Takes Readers on Fantasy Journey

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Gloria Tesch, The World's Youngest Published NovelistGloria Tesch began writing her first novel at the ripe old age of eleven, and celebrated her thirteenth birthday with the publication of her debut book. “Maradonia and the Seven Bridges,” a sweeping epic journey into a fantastical world of magic and power, earned Gloria the distinction of being the world’s youngest published author.

Gloria started writing when she was just eleven years old, penning poems and short stories and spending much time at the local library. This love for fiction and the genre of fantasy inspired her to write the 90-chapter debut novel, “Maradonia and the Seven Bridges.” This is the serial first in a trilogy; “Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir” is set for publication in Fall, 2009.

Gloria’s love of reading developed her imagination. “I started reading up to five books in third grade,” she says. “I…devoured more than sixty books during vacation. Then I came back to school with an entirely new reading level, and after that I had always loved reading… I have a saying which I tell younger people all the time, ‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!’”

Gloria was home schooled, which she says has helped her writing. “I have more time for writing, so I spend more time writing. When I was in regular school, I didn’t have a lot of time. I was doing homework and tired after eight hours of school.”

The Maradonia saga begins with two teenaged siblings, Maya and Joey, who find a mysterious place in a forbidden area, which opens a portal into the Land of Maradonia. Their arrival in Maradonia fulfills a prophecy, and launches two ordinary kids into an extraordinary adventure of epic proportions. Their simple life changes completely, and the fate of an entire empire falls into their hands. Maradonia is a Technicolor, vibrant land filled with danger and surprises around every corner. It is a classic tale of goof versus evil with a contemporary twist. It is full of mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, crime and conspiracy battle with the power of faith, knowledge and wisdom.

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