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Wednesday, 26 August 2009 15:46

Why Should You Register Your Child for Little League?

Written by  John J. Murphy
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Clearwater Little League BaseballThe night was almost dark black with the moon about to rise over the horizon.  A small boy with a large bat came out of the shadows of the dugout and approached home plate.  The lights on the field were bright and blinded him a little, but he adjusted as he stepped into the batters box.  Two outs, two men on base and his team was down in the game by one run.

His coach gave him the sign to swing away at the first pitch.  His coach had been right before, would he be right now?  He remembered everything he was taught over the season.  His coach’s words rang in his ear “Remember the fundamentals of batting, take a practice swing, get ready for the ball, and watch the curve and angle of the pitch, but most of all … just have fun”.

The batter was ready, the pitcher was ready, and the parents watching the game were on the edge of their seats. 

As the pitcher began to throw the ball towards home plate, he started to smile and knew his coach was right, that this was his pitch, the pitch he could hit.  He brought his bat back, twisted his hips, swung and clink went the sound of the bat. 

The ball was off into out field right over the first baseman’s head.  He began to run to first, rounded it and headed for second.  One run scored, then the other.  He could hear the roar of the parents and the yelling of his coach with excitement. He knew he had just helped his team win the game.  All of the shadows that were in the dark of the dugout came running out into the lights and out onto the field.  All congratulating the batter for hitting in the winning run.  Win or lose, the boy was happy he had a chance at even playing the game.

 The story above was one of my memories of when I played Little League back in 1969.

Do you have a boy or girl ages 5 to 17?  What will be their story to remember when they are all grown up?  Little League Baseball offers your child a chance to play, learn and belong to something more than just a team.  It offers them memories and a chance at being part of the community.  Win or lose, they have been given a chance to play the game, in a safe and structured environment.

Little League Baseball this Fall Season will focus on the fundamentals of baseball.  We will hold clinics on batting, pitching, hitting, base running and catching.  We have designed our season around having fun while learning new skills or improving on those already mastered.  Practice make perfect and in baseball that hard to achieve without opportunities at the plate or on the field.  Unlike other leagues in the area, Little League focuses in on the opportunity for all kids on the team to play in a game. 

As President of Clearwater Little League I would welcome any child who wishes to learn or play baseball or softball to come out to Sid Lickton Sports Complex and join our league.  We have programs for Girls, Boys and even have a wonderful challenger program.

Clearwater Little League, as well as, all of the other District 12 area little league’s will be holding registration for their fall baseball season. Clearwater will have registration Saturday, August 29 at the Sid Lickton Sports Complex on N. Saturn in Clearwater FL from 10AM to 2 PM.

Clearwater Little League will also have open registrations on September 1, 2, and 3rd at Sid Lickton Sports Complex from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Major League Baseball has pitching and hitting coaches for all the teams in their farm leagues.  Little League Baseball is where many of today’s professional baseball players started their baseball careers.

Let’s start your son of daughter off on the right foot by teaching them the fundamentals of baseball or softball while learning the value of team work, honor, and friendship while having fun.

John J. Murphy is the President of the Clearwater Little League - Little League Baseball and Softball, a tradition since 1939.

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