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Wednesday, 16 September 2009 12:12

Delphi Academy of Florida Announces Plans for a High School

Written by  Tracey Campana
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Delphi Academy Announces Plans for High School“Will there ever be a Delphi High School in Clearwater?” was the question posed rhetorically by Colin Taufer, Headmaster of Delphi Academy of Florida, at a school event in June. And it was his emphatic response to his own question that brought the audience to its feet, “Yes! There will be a Delphi High School in Clearwater!”


Since 1983, Delphi Academy has served as the school of choice for countless families in the Clearwater community. Its rich and challenging curriculum coupled with its elevated standards have set it apart from its peers. Yet missing from Delphi's curriculum has been a high school program. Currently the school offers classes from preschool (age 2) through Form 6 which is roughly equivalent to all of 9th grade and half of 10th grade. Now with plans to bring a Delphi high school to Clearwater, this will change.

The first phase of the high school campaign was completed over the summer and was announced at the school's Parents Night event on September 3rd. This initial phase included the addition of a second classroom at the upper end of the program and the expansion of the school's science lab. With nearly 1000 square feet devoted to the newly renovated science lab, the school is prepared to deliver science curriculum to students from elementary school to high school.

A new advanced-science curriculum was also acquired from The Delphian School as part of the initial phase. With eight different titles covering various elements of both physics and chemistry, as well as new hands-on science equipment complementing the curriculum, an important phase of the plan to bring a Delphi high school to Clearwater is complete.

“This is an exciting time for Delphi and the Clearwater community,” stated Delphi Academy Headmaster, Colin Taufer. “The campaign to bring a Delphi high school to Clearwater has begun.”

Delphi Academy of Florida is an independent co-educational and non-sectarian day school offering regular school year and summer programs for preschool through 10th grade high school students. The school is licensed to use Applied ScholasticsTM educational services.

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