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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 15:09

Universal Music Day

Written by  Susan Golden
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Universal Music Day80% of the world is living without their own music, or the ability to learn music from others. Too many people have lost their voices or had their Music suppressed. They believe they couldn’t “carry a tune in a bucket”. It takes some courage and determination to overcome these preconceived notions, and most good things in life do! So why would you want to make that effort?

Listening to Music is so important. Life is richer with the sounds, in community. Without listening to our sounds, our song, we have a much more tentative connection between our heads and our hearts. I think that we humans are not fine without our Music.
For most of my first 45 years, I believed that I was tone deaf and was ridiculed for my voice. People that here me speak adamantly about the need to pay our Musicians more not less, may be surprised that during those 45 years, I wondered why we paid Musicians at all. They are only “playing”—anybody can do that. I thoroughly enjoyed jokes like, “what is the difference between a large pizza and a Musician? A large pizza can feed a family of four”. Not so funny to me now! I want to change that.

Now I am passionate about educating people to reconsider this noble work as one of our most important professions and that: Music must be adequately compensated. So our talented Musicians can fully give themselves to this important work and still support a family; so we keep Music in the schools to connect our children’s heads to their hearts, develop all the many skills that Music making affords us.

How or why have I made such a dramatic change? In 1989, I turned my world upside down. I learned that I can sing. I can make Music. Let me tell you MUSIC MAKING MAKES LIFE EASIER and RICHER!

Music gives us avenues of self-expression in ways that do not harm ourselves or others. The vibrations heal and transport us and opens portals of wisdom and intuition. Music gives us the means to express the human experience. Making Music makes life more enjoyable.

I want to invite you to reclaim your heart wisdom by singing and listening to your heart song each day.  I am inviting you to enrich your life, by re-claiming your Music and appreciating the gift of Music in your life!

Because of her passion, Susan Golden founded to encourage and inspire that 80% of non-musicians to claim their voices and their music. Join them on the 10 October 2009 for the third annual event from 6 to 9 PM in the UU Octagon Arts Center at 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater FREE and open to the public 727 804 4908.

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