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Monday, 09 November 2009 11:12

Community Learning Center Begins Statewide Tutoring Program

Written by  Alice Roses
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Florida Students Improve a Full Grade Level in 30 Hours 

The Community Learning CenterThis October the Community Learning Center began its statewide tutoring program. The program utilizes the Applied Scholastics curriculum based on the Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, which helps children improve in the areas of reading and math.

Over 350 students have already started the program in six counties. Ron Matthews, the program director of the Center’s largest program in Ft. Meyers, traveled to Applied Scholastics over the summer along with the rest of the program directors for training.

“Working as a part of the Community Learning Center has been very rewarding,” Matthews says of his experiences. “The curriculum and simple procedures make assisting students a joy. Having a strong network in Florida is quite an advantage as well.”

“The Study Technology has helped our students to enjoy learning more and to take control of their own education. We have seen a definite improvement in our results because of the Study Technology,” he says, adding that, “Prior to the Study Technology our goal was to help students increase by a half a grade level and 75% of our students reached this goal. Since implementing the study technology our goal is to help students improve by a full grade level in 30 hours and 84% of our students are reaching that goal! That is a huge improvement and makes a big impact on our students’ lives.”

In addition to the statewide tutoring program, the Center puts on a monthly free kids’ book give-away at Clearwater Academy International (the next one will be on November 14th), and provides The Way to Happiness programs and Drug Education to local teens. The Center will soon be moving its expanding programs into its new facilities at 1411 N. Ft. Harrison, in Clearwater.

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