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Salvador Dali Museum is "Half-Dressed" Featured

Written by  Joshua T. Gillion
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Rachel Reed models Ivanka Ska's design - Photo by UngalaThe construction of the new Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg is half completed. To celebrate this achievement, and to raise funds for the remaining construction, the Dali Museum threw “Gala’s Half Dressed Carnivale” on Saturday, October 17th. It was an evening of revelry in the wild style of the parties Dali’s wife, Gala, used to throw. Held on the lawn next to the half-finished concrete structure, guests arrived in lavish costumes and masks to revel in the arguably quasi-hedonistic atmosphere of the party.

An art installation by fashion designer Ivanka Ska, best described as something of a sensuous living statue, was one of the main highlights of the evening. The Ivanka Ska's installation featured fashion inspired by Salvador Dali - Photo by Ungalainstallation showcased surrealist designs inspired by Dali (such as a midriff of his signature melting clock, or a bustier made of flowers) worn on models arranged around and attached by long strips of fabric to one model in the center, creating a stunning effect.

The new museum will be 66,450 square feet, more than twice the size of the current 30,000 square foot museum. The facilities will include a 90-seat orientation theatre, a 150-seat community room, a café with indoor and outdoor seating, and an extensive research library, in addition to the permanent collection hall and temporary exhibition wing. The new building will protect Dali’s paintings from the potential threat of hurricanes (at the current location, paintings are removed Ivanka Ska designed fashions inspired by Salvador Dali - Photo by Nick Andersonto a vault when storms threaten).

The building was designed by architect Yann Wymouth of Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc., and will reflect Dali’s unique style of surrealistic artwork. Wymouth previously worked on the renovation of the Louvre in Paris. The new Salvador Dali museum is scheduled to open in January 2011. Construction began on December 12, 2008, with a two year construction time table.

The current Dali Museum is located at 1000 Third St. South, St. Pete. The museum is home to the largest collection of Dali’s work outside of his native Spain. For more information, go to www.salvadordalimuseum.com

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