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Thymus Gland - How Does This Little Known Gland Help Your Immune System?

Written by  Shelley Jaffe
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Thymus GlandWhen we hear about different glands in the body it is most frequent to hear about the thyroid and the adrenal glands. But there is a seldom-talked about gland that is protecting your body from infections, cancer and other diseases which is barely given any attention. It’s your thymus, and considering its function, it deserves more attention than it gets.

Your thymus is located just under your breastbone, near to your heart. The name comes from the Greek “thumos” meaning, “heart, soul or life”. “Life” would be an appropriate reference since it is your thymus that protects you and without it you would suffer from severe immune disorders.

How is it responsible for your immune system? All of your body’s T-Cells mature in your thymus, hence the name “T-Cell” which means Thymus Cell. Your T-Cells are your body’s defense. They attack bacteria, viruses, and cancers. There are special T-Cells that perform different immune functions. A Memory T-Cell is one that remembers what has invaded your body and records a memory of the invader so it is better prepared to attack. These are the cells taken advantage of when you use homeopathic remedies. You put an extremely minute amount of a disease or illness into the body so that the T-Cells will attack and develop Memory T-Cells to protect you. We have homeopathic flu remedies called “nosodes” at our store which help protect the body from a variety of viruses, including the swine flu.

So how can you protect your thymus and keep it functioning properly? What nutrition does it depend upon? First, the cells which will become T-Cells start in the bone marrow, so it is important to make sure that your diet and supplements are supporting proper marrow growth. The thymus would not be able to produce the T-Cells needed without healthy cells from the marrow. For this you need minerals and B Complex vitamins. Things like caffeine rob your body of B vitamins, so watch your coffee consumption and stay away from “energy” drinks. Next, you need iodine as a healthy thymus contains large amounts of this nutrient. You can get this in liquid form, or even better, in kelp capsules or powder. This way you are getting it from a food source. Make sure you are using high-quality natural vitamins, not synthetic ones or vitamins being produced in the same facility as prescription drugs. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a good supplement, but don’t rob yourself by getting an inferior product because you are trying to save a couple of dollars.

Still not sure you are getting all of the needed nutrition? Then give us a call and schedule a nutritional consultation with Desiree. She has over 30 years experience working with people on nutrition and will be happy to help you make sure you are getting your required nutrients while also making sure you aren’t taking more than what you need.

Shelley Jaffe is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and the Executive Director of Peter Gillham’s Nutrition Center located at 533 Cleveland Street in Downtown Clearwater. 727-462-5770.

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