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The Cougars of Clearwater Calendar

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 Ladies, and Cougars and Dolphins... Oh Yeah!

The Cougars of Clearwater Calendar - Photo by Michael HarrisEvery woman, whether she realizes it or not,” reads the Cougars of Clearwater’s website, “has a Real Cougar just waiting to be unleashed.” The Cougars of Clearwater 2010 Calendar has unleashed the inner cougars of twelve Clearwater residents. The calendar features twelve beautiful ladies – including its creators Judy Barrows and Kathleen Slaven – posing in bikinis with delightful tastefulness and class. Photographer Michael Harris donated his services for the project.

The Cougars of Clearwater Calendar is the brainchild of Clearwater resident Judy Barrows, age 53. Combining her desire to do something for the community with the inspiration of ABC’s Cougar Town, Barrows enlisted her friend Kathleen Slaven, age 49, to produce the Cougars of Clearwater Calendar – featuring alluring, scantily clad women, all between the ages of 40 and 60.

Their website defines a Real Cougar as: “A woman who isn’t afraid to knock down walls and crash through glass ceilings,” “a woman who adores men but refuses to be defined by the age of the man she chooses to be with,” and “a woman who has gotten over listening to what other people think.”

While many other calendars depicting bikini-babes can be seen as demeaning, the Cougars of Clearwater Calendar has gainedSome of the Cougars of Clearwater at a Recent Calendar Signing - Photo by RGP Media a positive reception. “We’ve been getting calls from women in their 40s who are encouraged to work on themselves a little bit – their self esteem is renewed – we’re thrilled about that,” says Slaven. Of course, the calendar is quite popular with the men, too.

Proceeds from sales of the Cougars of Clearwater 2010 Calendar will benefit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, helping to build Winter the dolphin and friends a new home. “We picked something that was charitable and we felt the aquarium needed the funds so that’s where our focus is,” explains Slaven. The calendar is on sale now at the aquarium’s gift shop, or through the Cougars of Clearwater’s website:

Are there any future plans for the cal¬endar? “Stay tuned,” says Slavin, “This is just the beginning!”

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