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Florida Schools Awarded for Human Rights Advocacy

Written by  Chad Andro
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The United Nations is dedicating a year to young people by proclaiming 2010 the “International Year of Youth”. But Youth for Human Rights Florida and several local schools are a step ahead of the game in youth-driven human rights advocacy. Washburn Academy, Delphi Academy Florida and Clearwater Academy International were all awarded “YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARDS” for not only teaching human rights, but also involving their students in activities to help them understand how human rights are a part of our world.    

Washburn Academy was awarded the Youth for Human Rights award based on Human Right 29, Responsibility - Photo by David ZiffWashburn Academy was awarded the YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD based on HUMAN RIGHT #29 - RESPONSIBILITY, for taking responsibility to improve their community and bring human rights closer to becoming a reality. The school places a strong emphasis on personalized education, united with being active members of society. They have been involved with activities such as promoting peace on the International Day of Non-Violence, cleaning up local parks, and walking in support of Africa's and Asia's less fortunate. Delphi Academy of Florida was  awarded the Youth for Human Rights award based on Human Right 26, the Right to Education - Photo by David Ziff

Delphi Academy of Florida was awarded the YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD based on HUMAN RIGHT #26 - THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION. The Delphi program is designed to stretch the student, while also appealing to and strengthening his natural thirst for knowledge. It is this understanding of the child’s thirst for knowledge, this innate desire to understand and challenge the world around one, which is emphasized and embodied in the Delphi program.

Clearwater Academy International was awarded the Youth for Human Rights award based on human right 24, the Right to Play - Photo by David ZiffClearwater Academy International was awarded the YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD based on HUMAN RIGHT # 24 - THE RIGHT TO PLAY. Clearwater Academy International delivers a dynamic combination of education and extracurricular activities involving the spirit of play. The school not only has high academic standards, but its students are also encouraged to volunteer, helping others in the community. Even with this busy schedule, the students created the utmost spirit of play in an undefeated season and a 6A Football State Championship.

“The next generation brings about the possibility of change, and that change can be achieved by knowing and understanding human rights,” said Dustin McGahee, President of Youth for Human Rights Florida. McGahee became involved in educating others about their human rights with an inspiration to action from the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

For more information about the Youth for Human Rights and free video downloads covering the 30 Human Rights, visit:

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