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Clearwater City Council Candidates Herb Quintero and Mike Riordon Endorsed by the Tampa Bay Informer

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Clearwater City HallClearwater's city council elections will take place on Tuesday, March 9th. While federal elections may draw more interest, the city council elections have more direct influence on our everyday lives. Since local government is more accessible, it is easier for citizens to have a say in how it is run.  

This year's elections are a refreshing change from previous Clearwater elections in that there are several candidates to choose from, some offering a continuation of the status quo, and some offering a change of pace from the previously established administration.
While the City of Clearwater has made major progress in the revitalization of the city within the past decade, the Tampa Bay Herb Quintero for Clearwater City Council Seat 4Informer sees that there is still a need for change within the city government, and has decided to endorse Herb Quintero for Seat 4 and Mike Riordon for Seat 5
Both candidates are Clearwater business owners, and both have faced their own challenges with the city government. Like many Clearwater businesses, The Complete Angler, owned by Quintero, and City Cycle and Supply, owned by Riordon, have faced the challenges presented by the stifling restrictions of current city ordinances with regards to signage, resulting in an inhibition of Clearwater business owners to promote.   

Both Quintero and Riordon have stated they would like to change the reputation the City of Clearwater has for being unfriendly to businesses, and we concur. Not only would a strong small business Mike Riordon for Clearwater City Council Seat 5community help damper the effects of the recession, but it would enhance our city’s growth, as well as attract more businesses, tourists and residents to the area, helping Clearwater live up to its potential.

We believe that these two business owners would bring fresh ideas to the city council, providing a responsible change within our government. While we have respect for the current city council, and appreciate their efforts to improve Clearwater, the mere presence of someone new with fresh ideas and a different perspective would help keep the council from becoming “stale”.
More information on the candidates can be found on their websites: and
No matter who you decide to vote for on March 9th, whether you agree with our endorsements or not, the Tampa Bay Informer would like to encourage you to make democracy work by going out to vote at your designated polling location. It only takes a few minutes to vote, but the effects can last a lifetime.
More information on the election, including a video of the City of Clearwater's candidate forum, can be found here.

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