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Friday, 21 December 2007 10:17

The Arts: Needed Now.. More Than Ever

I have just seen one of the most artistically and musically expressive films in a long time, "August Rush".

In the film, music is boldly exemplified as the non-physical or spiritual force that unites a separated family…music itself becomes the main story-line here, the backdrop being the relentless search for a boy who has never met his Mom and Dad, and the reunion of those parents.

I was reminded, upon seeing this film, of my own sense of purpose for ever walking out on a stage to entertain audiences throughout my many years of performing and producing music and theater. My purpose re-ignited.

Key word is “purpose”. Surely every performing, literary or fine artist with any sense of integrity to his public in giving a performance or creating an art form, carries their purpose with them.

An artist “gives” a performance or creates an effect through his art …and it is so vitally valuable that these gifts carry the purpose of unburdening or dissolving the most stressful and negatively-impacted elements of our society and uplift the individual recipient.

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