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Desiree Lotz

You wouldn't want to raise race horses in Wisconsin because the soil there is high in calcium, which makes them way too relaxed. Cattle raised in Wisconsin are big, easy-going and relaxed.  In contrast, breeders in Kentucky don't raise contented cattle but race horses - nervous, jumpy, raring-to-go race horses.  That's because the soil is high in phosphorus and low in calcium, which results in wound-up, chomping-at-the-bit, high energy horses. They can't relax and that's what you want in a race horse. 

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Thursday, 02 April 2009 15:16

It’s Your Body. Understand It!™

Peter Gillham's Nutrition CenterWhen most people think of hormones they think of the things that drive you crazy in your teens and for many their entire lives. But that’s really giving these guys a bad rap and doesn’t really tell you what they are all about. These little guys are the messengers. Different hormones carry different messages all over the body.

The endocrine system consists of different glands. Glands produce and release things, both inside and outside the body. Each gland in the endocrine system has a different job. The “master” is the pituitary gland.  It is the size of a pea and has several key jobs. It helps to control nervous function, controls the rest of the endocrine system and controls a few things directly having to do with childbirth and milk production. It’s definitely the boss.

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