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American ForestsTextbooks for Trees: "Less Waste, Healthier Forests"

Washington, DC. January 6, 2009 – American Forests is delighted to announce that our 2008 partnership with Chegg.com planted hundreds of acres of trees in deforested areas across the nation. These trees provide many benefits, such as cleaner air and water, habitat for wildlife, and more carbon dioxide sequestered by forests. This unique partnership proves that books and trees can have a positive relationship!

Chegg.com provides a service that allows students to rent, buy, or sell textbooks online. Students reuse textbooks, which means less waste and significantly smaller textbook bills for all those penny-pinched students. Last year, Chegg.com took its efforts a step further by vowing to plant a tree for every textbook that a student buys, sells, or rents through their site. Chegg.com plants these trees through American Forests, the organizations at the forefront of ecosystem restoration through the planting of native trees. 

Published in National News