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Tuesday, 13 November 2007 14:25

100% Chlorine Free Pool & Jacuzzi

Why is it that chlorine is commonly used in both swimming pools as well as the drinking water in most cities and towns? What is Chlorine?  Per the Oxford English Dictionary, Chlorine is a poisonous, irritant, pale green gaseous chemical element ORIGINATING from Greek khloros ‘green’.

Chlorine, a poisonous material, kills bacteria with relatively high efficiency. Unfortunately, with this benefit there are many serious detriments. Chlorine is a very reactive agent with a tendency to chemically bond with any and all organic materials that are commonly found in water, such as plant juice, bug parts, etc. When chlorine makes contact with these organic materials, it automatically turns into known or suspected carcinogens! How can this be good? There are many other choices that can healthfully replace chlorine’s wonderful bactericide properties without also creating carcinogens. Considering how frequently we hear of friends and loved ones dying from cancer, it would behoove us to take measures to stay away from chlorine.

There are three common fantastic alternatives to chlorine in a pool environment. 
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