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Clearwater Chamber of CommerceJune 5, 2009 CLEARWATER, FL – On June 5th, the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce was proud to host six of Pinellas County’s legislators at their annual legislative breakfast at the Clearwater Harborview Center.  Issues surrounding transportation, education, growth management, tax burdens, gaming compact, and property insurance were just a few of the issues discussed.  Ed Armstrong, moderator of the event posed frank and tough questions to each legislator and received very thoughtful and forthright responses.  Legislators present included: Senator Mike Fasano, Senator Dennis Jones, Representative Ed Hooper, Representative Jim Frishe, Representative Janet Long, and Representative Bill Heller.

The legislators gave a great deal of history regarding decisions made over time that help explain many of the situations we are currently facing as a result of unintended consequences.  Decisions such as Save our Homes and constitutional mandates have facilitated imbalances and significant funding challenges.  They all expressed their concern for the ability of the state to have sustainability over the long term.

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce applauds their leadership in making decisions that impacted the lives of every Floridian during these very difficult and unprecedented economic times.  With our mission to enhance the business environment and promote economic health and growth in the Clearwater region, we encourage all of our lawmakers to step up and demonstrate real leadership in making this state a place where businesses can continue to grow and create jobs.

Again we congratulate our legislators on a successful session and thank them for their leadership.  We encourage all of our members to work independently and in partnership with the Chamber to meet with our legislative delegation to discuss the future business needs for our county and state.

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit business organization dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of the area, while protecting the unsurpassed quality of life that its residents enjoy.  Established in 1922, the Clearwater Chamber is the leading advocate for business in the Tampa Bay area.  Their professional staff provide businesses innovating opportunities to market their products and services to the public.  The Chamber also represents the interests of businesses at all levels of government.  For more information regarding the Clearwater Chamber please call 727-461-0011 or visit www.clearwaterflorida.org.  



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