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Clearwater Councilmembers John Doran, Carlen Petersen and George Cretekos ride with the “Mets” Little League team alongside the Executive Director of Clearwater Community Volunteers, Pam Ryan Anderson. - Photo by Simaen SkolfieldClearwater Little League “Opens” Hearts in Community

Clearwater, FL (February 14 2009) - On Valentine’s Day the Clearwater Little League held their opening ceremonies followed by the first game of the season. In celebration of opening day, Clearwater City Council members Carlen Petersen and John Doran, as well as Vice‑Mayor George Cretekos were there at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium, showing their love for the young baseball enthusiasts decked out in brightly colored shirts of purple, blue, green, black and orange.

From the civic leaders, sports celebrities, business owners, friends, families and kids, the turn-out was itself inspiring, generating a genuine feeling of family and community.

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