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Real Estate Sales are Up!As 2009 wound down, real estate wound UP!  The year ended in a frenzy of real estate sales with Realtors showing and selling property like crazy, lenders too busy to get to files, Title Companies having to juggle things to get to closings – WOW!  What a great way to end 2009! 

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Monday, 24 August 2009 14:11

Why Should You Read Good News?

These days, we are bombarded with bad news by the mainstream media. We can scarcely open a newspaper or turn on the TV without being faced with the latest “scare-story” about swine flu, or another bank failure, or another trillion-dollars added to the national budget’s deficit. Reports giving dire warning of bad times getting worse and no hope on the horizon tend to be prevalent. It seems as even the mundane stories get a negative spin on them. 

Do you, like me, get a headache or feel depressed or stressed after reading your city’s #1 paper? It’s because the constant bombardment of bad news by the mainstream media scares people, cultivating a pessimism that at best doesn’t make life any more livable. Those exposed to negativity on a daily basis tend to fall into agreement with the negativity. For instance, if someone was told every day for a decade that he couldn’t succeed in life, do you think in 10 years he would be successful? Most likely not. It is a constant invalidation and assault on people’s hopes and dreams for a better future. Why expose yourself to it? Shouldn’t it be possible to inform yourself honestly and accurately about the world and affairs around you, without being bombarded with pessimism and negativity?

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Tuesday, 15 July 2008 16:11

A View Through - Sorcerer’s Gate

SorcerersGate.jpgThe first of three sculptures on Cleveland Street

Standing 15-feet tall and 10-feet wide, this magical aluminum sculpture by artist Bruce White, is the first of three pieces of public art scheduled to arrive at the Cleveland Street medians this month. Bruce’s work has been described as “an elegant union of ancient symbolism and contemporary science.” With its mystically-changing spectrums of purples – dependent on the position of the nebula and heavenly bodies - Sorcerer’s Gate provides a refreshing splash of color to the Cleveland Street District. Lifelong artist and Professor, Bruce White of DeKalb, Ill, answered the Call-to-Artists released earlier this year by The Clearwater Cultural Arts Division and was one of the three chosen.

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