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Florida State SealThe second week of the sixty-day legislative session began and concluded without the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the opening of the annual meeting of the Florida House and Senate.  Instead, this week dealt with the nuts and  bolts of lawmaking and the slow but organized building of the state budget.  The legislature’s only duty enumerated in the Florida Constitution is to pass the  budget that runs the state’s government.  The process, which is hosted this year by the House of Representatives (each year the hosting alternates between the two chambers) was underway at one of the fastest passes in recent memory.  Although it is far too soon to project how the budget making process will end, it is the top priority of the two bodies to deal with an estimated $2.6 billion dollar shortfall as compared to the previous fiscal year.  It will be a challenge to plug this enormous budget hole because, unlike the federal government, Florida is constitutionally required to produce a balanced budget each year.  No red ink is allowed when the final product is sent to the governor for his signature.

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Florida State SealThe media gives extensive coverage to the Florida Legislature during the annual legislative session (which takes place starting the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March and proceeding for the next 60 calendar days).  However, many people are not aware that the Legislature does meet in its official capacity for many months leading up to the start of the regular legislative session.

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 23:00

Clearwater FL Property Tax Amendment

Greg Giordano Newly Proposed Constitutional Property Tax Amendment

Tallahassee FL, November 2007 - Senator Mike Fasano and his colleagues have returned to Tallahassee to prepare for the voters a newly proposed constitutional amendment pertaining to property taxes. This past September a circuit judge in Leon County tossed out the Florida Legislature’s previous joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Florida Constitution revising the manner in which property taxes are assessed in Florida. With this action undoing the work of a special legislative session held in June, the Florida Legislature was given a deadline of October 30, 2007 to revise the proposed amendment if consideration of that amendment is to be made available to voters for the January 29, 2008 presidential primary. The Legislature has now wrapped up its latest special session by offering a newly written constitutional amendment.

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