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Patrick Valtin

CRISIS BUSTER TIPS for Business Owners and Sales Professionals

How to negotiate your way through rough times if your life depends on selling something – Part One


“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” – Mahatma Gandhi
You will find that people who continue to do well during challenging times are not luckier or stronger or even smarter.  They are mostly more persistent and they refuse to lose. In other words, they disagree. The best examples are patients who were affected by some “incurable” cancer and yet recovered – against all medical expectations. The only common denominator that could be found in these people was exactly that: they disagreed with giving up!

You can make your own future and you can win the battles of life to the degree that you have the guts to disagree. So remember this principle: When trouble arises, it is just a test of your ability and willingness to make things go right. Just disagree!

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