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Abe Moussa with two of Abe's Mugs Grill & Bar Waitresses - Photo by Simaen SkolfieldOn July 21st, Abe Moussa, the owner of the newly renamed Abe’s Mugs Grill & Bar (formerly Mugs and Jugs) cut the ribbon to honor the name change and celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Missouri Avenue restaurant.

Abe Moussa began his restaurant career as a dishwasher at Sweetwaters, where he worked his way up to manager. He had set a goal, however, to own his own business by the time he was 30. When he turned 29, he found “Mugs and Jugs.” Unable to pay for the place at first, Moussa worked for the owner for six months to make the down payment. Since he took over Mugs and Jugs in 1998, Moussa has managed to turn the hole-in-the-wall into a successful, respectable chain of sports bars.

Published in Clearwater