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David CopperfieldDo You Believe in Magic?
Interview with an Illusionist… By Megan Brazil

Clearwater FL December 31, 2008 - When I heard that David Copperfield was coming to town I got incredibly excited. My excitement was twofold, David is not only a magnificent illusionist (who I never miss a chance to see his show) but I have known him for years through my late brother Chappy Brazil who was also a magician and a friend of David Copperfield’s. So, when TBI asked me to do the interview with him, I jumped at the opportunity to give TBI readers insight into the mystical world of a magician.

The Interview

Megan: How has magic changed since you began as a magician, for you, and for the audience?

David Copperfield: “After so many years, it all comes down to loving what I do and keeping up with the times. Performing my show is something I constantly think about. When I am on the road and heading to my next venue, I think about my audience: ‘Is it a college town or a family town? Should I make the music LOUDER for College kids?’ New tricks are added, old ones are dropped... so it stays fresh. But it’s the randomly selected participants from the audience that make it fresh each and every show; which has also provided some of the best comic relief of the day!

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