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Tuesday, 13 November 2007 14:39

Get Real With ADHD!

forever_green_gala_blake.jpgEver heard… “Well, we can discuss Ritalin”?  I asked the doctor, “Are there any other natural options?”, “What about food allergies causing some of the out of control behavior?”  Our pediatrician said I could go to an allergist, but he had not heard of any food allergies that could be connected.  I asked the allergist to test my son for red food coloring allergy since I had heard it could cause out of control behaviors.  The allergist gave us a month supply of Clariton and told us to come back if it helps.  I was outraged that none of the doctors wanted to help the underlying cause.  I was not going to put my son on dangerous, addictive prescription drugs that wouldn’t get to the cause, resulting in him having severe issues later in life; turning to street drugs.  So, I went to the best source, God.  I prayed for help because I knew He had the answer. 
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