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Wednesday, 10 March 2010 15:36

Our Bustling Real Estate Market

Pam Ryan Anderson of Ryan RealtyThe word is finally out—this is THE time to be buying real estate! Prices are low, interest rates are low, and you can still qualify for either the first-time home buyer rebate of $8,000 or 10% of your purchase price, whichever is less, or the rebate for people that are stepping up in price and buying a more expensive home.

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Real Estate Sales are Up!As 2009 wound down, real estate wound UP!  The year ended in a frenzy of real estate sales with Realtors showing and selling property like crazy, lenders too busy to get to files, Title Companies having to juggle things to get to closings – WOW!  What a great way to end 2009! 

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 15:00

Natural Pest Remedies for Your Home

Natural Pest Remedies for Your Home from Pam Ryan AndersonAs it’s summer in Florida, the pesky pests are in their glory and “bug” us any chance they get. From mosquitoes to rats, these guys seem to make it their goal to live up to their nickname “pests”. Below are some tried and true methods of naturally, and easily, handling some of these pests.

This is a great one and I use it all the time at my house. Put some Listerine in a spray bottle and keep it outside. Spray it around on the ground or on chairs etc when you’re going to be outside. It totally keeps mosquitoes and gnats away.

Pam Ryan Anderson Clearwater, FL ( April 1, 2009) -  For the last few months, I’ve been experiencing quite a different real estate market than the prior 18 months.  Buyers are back, and THAT makes all the difference in the world. In the last three months, I’ve got almost as many properties under contract already as I sold for the entire year in 2008!

 This is the very best time to buy – prices are as low as they are probably going to go, and interest rates are also very low.  The selection is amazing, and I really think this is an opportunity to jump on.

Sure, it takes persistence and decent credit, but that is what I’d expect after the nightmare the banks have been experiencing recently.  Too many lenders made money too easy to get, and that is one of the problems that caused the debacle we’ve all been witnessing.  Now we’re all going to suffer for that.  However, please do not believe the 
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Pam Ryan AndersonClearwater, FL (Feb. 4, 2009) - This is an interesting question that I’ve been asked several times recently, so I finally called the Property Appraiser’s Office to find out for myself.

Now, before I tell you the answer, I want to clarify a few terms.

Appraised Value – This is done by an Appraiser hired to determine the value of a home when it has been sold, when it is being re-financed, or to determine the market value of a home.

Just Market Value – This is the term the Property Appraiser’s Office uses for the fair market value of a property. (This is usually broken up into two parts—the Just Market Land which is how much your land is currently worth, and Just Market Improved which is how much your home or building, is worth currently without the land value.  Then there is Total Assessment, and it’s the two values added together.

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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 23:00

Real Estate News Clearwater Florida


From my personal experience, I’ve been noticing that my listings are being shown more, and that prices seem to be stabilizing. Buyers are poking
out their heads again, that they are finding that the water is fine!

Even the National Association of Realtors is reporting that existing home sales in Florida increased in October, actually by 15% over last September. Condo sales are also up, but not so drastic, with a 5% increase over last year.

Last October’s median home price was $222,200 and this October’s median home price was $169,700. That is a 24 percent decrease in one year.

Prices had flown out of reach very quickly, and this adjustment, although painful to homeowners that now owe more on their home that it is worth, is really good news to people looking to buy.

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