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Thursday, 30 October 2008 16:59

Solving Mold Problems

MarleneHudson.pngEveryone is affected in one way or another in dealing with ridding mold effectively and permanently. Whether you are trying to sell a house or concerned about the health of your small children, mold is a recurring problem. Typically a problem of moist climates, it has grown to a more global problem with flooded homes, towns and neighborhoods.

The universal solution to killing mold has always been a bleach solution even though it does not kill mold spores, but in fact encourages their return! The good news is there is a true solution to this growing epidemic in our homes.  Essential oils. Pure essential oils must be distilled properly and be free of synthetic properties.  While all essential oils kill microbes, certain oils destroy specific ones more effectively. It has been discovered that no pathogens (germs) can survive in cinnamon oil. Clove is additionally a powerful bactericidal.