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 Hangouts Replaces Google Talk Interface @ Google I/O 2013


Despite its bumpy launch, causing update issues (for mainly tablet users), Google+’s unified messaging service “Hangouts” was unveiled at Google I/O conference this week. Compatible with PC’s, Android and Apple devices.

The free Google app Hangouts enables users to synchronize: chat, video chat, photo sharing and Gmail all into one app (with encrypted messaging) while sending notifications and keeping a real time history accessible on all your devices. And, of course it includes group chat and group video chat - turning Google messaging services into a single service for users.

Tablet users, not to worry, Google managed to slip in a new update making Hangouts compatible with various tablet sizes.

Rumor has it that Google Hangouts is intended to give Facebook a run for its money. Some feel that it has a ways to go with the challenges of getting Facebook users to transition over to Google+ Hangouts.

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