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The View at Life Center for a New Tomorrow in TennesseeMounting evidences show that psychiatric drugs have side effects often worse than what they are supposed to cure. Many experts have testified against the danger of psychiatric drugs. More and more people are becoming aware that the psychiatric industry is more a fraud than a real science. Organizations such as CCHR (www.cchr.org) have exposed psychiatric abuses for many years. But psychiatrist and the pharmaceutical industry continue to push pills on people. Pills that not only do not work but create more bad conditions. The apparent workability of some drugs come from the fact that it seems better to have someone sit quietly in a corner after they have been pumped full of drugs rather than seeing the same person banging his head against a wall or screaming all day long. But what state is better? One of a zombie who has no will power or is unable to act anymore or one who is still trying to get his demons out by screaming or banging his head against the wall? One is fighting, the other has given up.

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