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Do it Yourself Websites vs. Hiring a Web Designer“To do it yourself or not to do it yourself. That is the question.”

Many website owners have asked this same question and for good reason. With all of today’s user-friendly, easy-to use software and the wide array of cheap templates, I might ask too! Why pay someone out of your own pocket when you can do it yourself? While the basic idea of putting a site together is sound and feasible to those with the persistence to do it, there are a few pitfalls that only a pro web developer won’t run into:

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Pam Ryan Anderson of Ryan RealtyHurricane Season – Well, it’s that time of year again… but, if you have your umbrella with you it won’t rain. That’s my viewpoint on hurricanes. If you are totally prepared, then you probably won’t need your supplies. We seem to live in an area that hurricanes avoid, and it’s my viewpoint that they should just keep on missing us!

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Sheriff Jim CoatsToo many people, knowledge of what law enforcement agencies do is limited to what they might have seen in television dramas or news stories.  For this reason, many people have only a limited understanding of how a professional law enforcement agency operates and what its employees do.  Deputies and other uniformed members of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office are the most visible part of the agency, but there are many employees whose efforts are not as visible, yet they are vital to our success.  These jobs include a wide variety of accounting, clerical, communication, maintenance and many other support positions without which the Sheriff’s Office would have difficulty in providing meaningful service to the public.

One important, yet seldom recognized function of any law enforcement agency is professional record management.  When it comes to maintaining the Sheriff’s Office criminal records database, the job is handled by our Records Division.  In most cases, until there is a need for a copy of report, the round-the-clock important tasks performed by the members of this division go largely unnoticed.

To accomplish their mission, the Sheriff’s Office Records Division is separated into three different units, each of which has specific responsibilities pertaining to law enforcement records.  Criminal records are constructed, validated, archived, and disseminated by members of this unit as necessary in accordance with Florida public record laws. For this reason, criminal records from the present dating back to the 1950s are currently preserved.

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