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Sea Turtle Betsy was Released by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium “Showtime!” a volunteer from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium said as the Loggerhead sea turtle named Betsy was lifted from a truck, on a stretcher, on Clearwater Beach. The turtle, who had spent the past three months on rest and rehabilitation at the aquarium, was finally recuperated enough to be released back into the wild on August 27.

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Gloria Tesch, The World's Youngest Published NovelistGloria Tesch began writing her first novel at the ripe old age of eleven, and celebrated her thirteenth birthday with the publication of her debut book. “Maradonia and the Seven Bridges,” a sweeping epic journey into a fantastical world of magic and power, earned Gloria the distinction of being the world’s youngest published author.

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Author BonSue Brandvik

Belleair, FL

Uh-oh, an employee of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel is coming to chase me out of the underground tunnels… again.  I know I’m not supposed to go down into the underbelly of the hotel unless escorted by authorized personnel, but I can’t help myself.  My imagination runs wild when I’m down here, and the temptation to experience this aspect of the fantastic hotel is so great that I’m drawn through the forbidden door every time I visit.  And I visit often.

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