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The United Nations is dedicating a year to young people by proclaiming 2010 the “International Year of Youth”. But Youth for Human Rights Florida and several local schools are a step ahead of the game in youth-driven human rights advocacy. Washburn Academy, Delphi Academy Florida and Clearwater Academy International were all awarded “YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AWARDS” for not only teaching human rights, but also involving their students in activities to help them understand how human rights are a part of our world.    

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Big Bad MusicalClearwater, FL (April 2, 2009) - Clearwater Academy International, the only private school located in the downtown Clearwater area, held their Annual Festival of Arts the first weekend in April.  With the Grand Opening on Thursday, April 2nd, attendees were treated to a fine display of student artwork and photography. The large exhibition displayed pieces using many different mediums from students of all ages.

The Performing Arts department presented a show called, “The Big Bad Musical”.  Imagine putting the Big Bad Wolf on trial for terrorizing and eating Little Miss Riding Hood and Grandma Hood, blowing down the houses of two of the three little pigs and eating the shepherd’s sheep, and to top it off, with the Fairy godmother as the prosecuting attorney and the Evil Stepmother defending him!  With three performances only, the cast performed to a full house and rave reviews each night.  Lead roles were performed by Noam Manor playing the Evil Stepmother, Diana Jepsen as the Fairy Godmother, Markus Ikonen as the Big Bad Wolf, Connor Hillman as Judge Mann and Ellie Barnes as Sydney Grimm.  The whole show was extremely entertaining and very professional and was a heck of a good way to spend an evening.

Clearwater Academy is very active in expanding the school’s Arts Program to cover all aspects of the arts.  For more information please visit the school website at http://www.clearwateracademy.org/ .

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Friday, 28 November 2008 15:46

Winter Wonderland 2008 Clearwater, Florida

Winter Train.jpg

Ding-Ding-Ding! Choo-Choo! All Aboard!

Come one, come all to the magical holiday festivities once again created by the Clearwater Community Volunteers, dubbed “Elves” by Santa himself.

If you’re already a faithful fan of “Winter Wonderland” I assure you, that this year has more surprises than ever!

However, while the Elves were busily working on “Winter Wonderland”, Pam Ryan Anderson (the Head Elf) received an urgent text from Santa.  The text said, “Ho, Ho, Ho, there are still a few in the community that are not aware that the festivities are open to everyone and, admission is FREE!” and his text continued, “Ho, Ho, Ho, some ‘naughty overgrown children’ otherwise known as ‘adults’ may have never even noticed ‘Winter Wonderland’ when driving up and down Ft. Harrison.”

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