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Thursday, 08 October 2009 12:46

Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

Should You Vaccinate Your Child?When my first daughter was born I did what was expected and got her immunized. Within 24 hours she began gasping for air and stopped breathing. Fortunately I was near her and able to get her breathing again with stimulation. The doctors told me that this happens occasionally and she should be fine. I never made a connection to the immunization. She had no incidents for the next three months until I took her to the doctor for her next set of shots. This time about 6 hours after the shot she gasped for air and stopped breathing again. Again, this time I was there to get her breathing again, and this time I made the connection between the two cases. I decided to find another pediatrician, who told me she was having an allergic reaction to the immunizations and to cease giving her shots. He also told me not to give any other children that came after her any shots and taught me how to protect my children to the best of my ability against childhood disease.

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