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Thymus GlandWhen we hear about different glands in the body it is most frequent to hear about the thyroid and the adrenal glands. But there is a seldom-talked about gland that is protecting your body from infections, cancer and other diseases which is barely given any attention. It’s your thymus, and considering its function, it deserves more attention than it gets.

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Desiree LotzFirst it was the birds that got the rap and now it’s the pigs. And we fall hook, line and sinker for all the dour news that devastation is going to descend and kill us all if we don’t have a needle jabbed into us!

There has been flu on this planet since time immemorial and we’re still here - in ever-increasing numbers. What happened to the so-called devastating effects of the last big flu threat - avian flu? It flew into non-existence and died the death it deserved. It’s amazing how much fear a controlled media can create.

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