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DominicanKidsSmiling.jpgThe Global Pioneers, a group of volunteer Scientologists, made a name for themselves last winter and spring by visiting the country of Haiti in order to help the people. They did this by supplying the means to grow their own food, providing computers, and giving books and training developed and written by L. Ron Hubbard to the people of Haiti so they could improve their living conditions.

Recently, the Global Volunteers returned to the island Haiti is on, but this time to the other side to visit the country of the Dominican Republic.

Published in National News

Local Clearwater businessman and Global Pioneer Cary Goulston bonds with a Haitian child. - Photo by Brad KuglerGlobal Pioneers, a team of volunteer Scientologists, just returned from their most recent tour to assist the peoples of Haiti.  They have been involved with bringing help to Haiti for nearly two years now, with the latest group including Cary Goulston, Brad Kugler and Mike Campbell.

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