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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 14:38

The Plain Facts About Alkalinity

Peter Gillham's Nutrition Center in Clearwater, FloridaThere are literally hundreds of books, blogs and information out there on alkalinity in the body. This has led to numerous supplements to help handle alkalinity and litmus paper manufacturers making a mint on strips to see how acid or alkaline your saliva is. But are these readings right and are you actually shutting down your digestive system by trying to handle acidity?

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Peter Gillham's Nutrition Center in Downtown ClearwaterYour body is continually rebuilding itself, cell by cell, every single day. If it doesn’t get what it needs to build itself, it starts to break down and physical problems develop. So, what are the building blocks of the body and where do you get them from?

These building blocks are called amino acids. Your body makes a lot of them itself—as long as you are eating a good diet—but some of them your body can’t make. These are called essential amino acids and your body gets them from very specific foods. Below is a list of the eight essential amino acids and the foods they come from:


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Peter Gillham's Store, located in downtown ClearwaterClearwater, FL.

Natural health has become a multi-million dollar industry. These days there seems to be a supplement to do everything from helping you lose your belly fat to growing, well, lots of things. And everyone seems to be publishing another book or designing another diet. So where is a consumer to turn? The best place to start is to learn about your body and its needs, and that is where this monthly column comes in.

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