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Monday, 09 March 2009 21:15

Why Do Teenagers Rebel?

Teen Fighting.Datil, New Mexico (March 2009) - There comes a time in most parents’ lives when they run up against a formidable wall called The Teenager. Opposed to anything that might be considered rules, most teens go through a period of utter rebellion. Why?

The usual scenario goes something like this: One is born into a family who has the best intentions for him and his future. However, he didn’t come with an Owner’s Manual. So his parents usually just go by the example of how they were raised. Yikes.

From an early age, he is carried around from place to place. He can’t talk yet, so he’s never consulted on whether or not he wants to go to Grandma’s house. Everyone is much bigger than he is. And that’s a little scary, since he is completely dependent upon these giants! When he finally starts talking, no one really listens. He’s “just a kid”, after all.

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