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Friday, 20 November 2009 10:56

Getting Into College Tips

What Does it Take to Get Into College?Today, higher education is essential for anyone who wants a better quality of life and job success. That’s why it’s so important to ready yourself to help your children in this important phase of their lives.

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Monday, 16 November 2009 14:15

College and Financial Aid: Myths and Facts

College Financial AidEducation beyond high school is more important than ever. In an ever-changing economy, more education brings more opportunities and greater job security. Don’t let the myths about the cost of college or the availability of aid stop you from reaching your goals.

Here are the facts behind the myths.

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Thursday, 29 October 2009 14:52

Website Designing and Marketing Tips - SEO

How Will People Find My Website?

SEO Friendly Website TipsBuilding a website that gets frequent visits can seem difficult: there are literally tens of billions of pages listed in search engines, and there are thousands of registered domain names, most of them we don't know or remember. How does one put oneself above this sea of websites and actually get some business from your cyberspace real estate?

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Don't Let Criminals Make Your Stress Worse When Your House is in Forclosure

With the current financial scene, criminals are crawling out of the woodwork at an alarming rate, claiming to be able to rescue your home from foreclosure. The Federal Trade Commission has established a website where homeowners can educate themselves, learn legitimate options, and avoid being taken advantage of, as well as what actions to take if you have been the victim of a foreclosure rescue ‘scam’.

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Do it Yourself Websites vs. Hiring a Web Designer“To do it yourself or not to do it yourself. That is the question.”

Many website owners have asked this same question and for good reason. With all of today’s user-friendly, easy-to use software and the wide array of cheap templates, I might ask too! Why pay someone out of your own pocket when you can do it yourself? While the basic idea of putting a site together is sound and feasible to those with the persistence to do it, there are a few pitfalls that only a pro web developer won’t run into:

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Pinellas County Sheriff Jim CoatsSummer is upon us, temperatures are soaring and what better way to keep children entertained and cool than an afternoon by the swimming pool. A dark side of a summer in the sun is that a sparkling swimming pool can also be a serious summer hazard. Unfortunately, when the temperature goes up, so does the number of accidental drownings involving children. The backyard pool is a magnet for children of all ages.

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Desiree LotzFirst it was the birds that got the rap and now it’s the pigs. And we fall hook, line and sinker for all the dour news that devastation is going to descend and kill us all if we don’t have a needle jabbed into us!

There has been flu on this planet since time immemorial and we’re still here - in ever-increasing numbers. What happened to the so-called devastating effects of the last big flu threat - avian flu? It flew into non-existence and died the death it deserved. It’s amazing how much fear a controlled media can create.

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Baby Sea Turtle HatchlingsOn July 10th, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) announced Pinellas County’s first sea turtle hatchlings of the year.  Late at night on July 9th, the first two nests of the year hatched, both on Indian Rocks Beach.  CMA’s sea turtle nesting staff were on hand to witness the event, and to keep the hatchlings safe until they reached the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Ninety-eight sea turtle hatchlings from nest #1 and eighty-three from nest #2 made their way into the Gulf that night.

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